The gnome as he call himself Face, he don't quite got a real name what he remembers after been revived from death to a Death Knight. As soon he woke up at 'Acherus The Ebon Hold' he got trained and learned how to use his new technique. He had one last mission till he could leave the damned place as he got reported to follow Darion Mograine and his army. But the little gnome did flee from the horror as he learned to summon a Acherus Deathcharger. The gnome is quite special with his ability as none normal Death Knight have. He can use three type of abilitys, he call one and most special power 'Life Transformation' it makes him available to become three diffrent races all around Azeroth. Really good to escape if someone chase him. But how did he learn that type of ability? Well no one really knows where Face did learn it but never underestimate the gnome. The two other abilitys is combine between insect and green poison cloud. Really effective to make the enemye sick, move slow and hopefully throw up in middle of a battle. After some months travels trough the Azeroth and Northrend he finally found a place that fits for him. He saw big walls and pillar with a lionhead as water comes out from the head. He saw a big stair right in the middle of the castle. He walked up and saw a man standing there...not just any man around.

But what happend before he was died and became a death knight? Ah yes well he was born at Ironforge as useally gnomes and dwarfs are born. His mother died after Fac became seven years old and his dad died in a battle fighting against the hordes. No one really took care of him and cared about him. Face felt hated darkness and despair in his life for a long, long time. He did never starved because he was sucha good thief at Ironforge. The only he did miss in his life was his parents. Everything he had was suddenly just gone so quickly. Me myself did come into his life when he was 25 years old...but let's not get into how I met him. Anyway me and Face did join the army against the scourge at Northrend fighting for a whole week. But the undeads did never stop coming and we became less and less for everyday. Then it was our turn to die...and so we did as we almost fall asleep in our tent when we suddenly heard like waterfall sound but it was sureley not. A wave of arrows came at our camp and we all died quickly that was left.

'The one who know Face and telling this story, his name is Zinka'