Draenei Paladin by anyasy

Avel Naarun, the Holy Vindicator and the Light of Dawn. She is wielding her family's sacred blade: Abaddon(named after the titan blade.) and she is wearing her 'Judgement' armor set.

Character Name (full name): Avel Adlyn Naarun

Age: 18 (Human Years)

Race: Draenei

Relatives: Deceased/Doesn't like to be named.

Mate/Love: None, for now.

Position (Alive - Decreased): Alive, Active

Eye color: Deep Sea Blue

Skin color: Sky Blue

Height: 6'4

Weight: 115 lbs

Title: Light of Dawn

Role(Class): Holy Vindicator (Paladin)

Lore: Avel Naarun, A lone survivor of a terrible crash, that killed her family and two of her best friends A few years back. She went to travel the strange world, growing, learning, surviving on her own. She came across an old man, a paladin. She never tells anyone the name of the paladin, stating "It would benefit him, if you didn't know his name..". She trained to become a strong and powerful Holy Vindicator. Wearing the armor forged from her own Parent's armor sets, which she calls her 'Judgement' armor set and She also uses Abaddon(named after the titan blade); her family's sacred blade, which is over 3000 years old, its been in her family for generations. She became a well and strong fighter of the holy light. Her personallity is average to every other female in the world: She is kind,, and very beautiful. Many would be lucky to get her heart. Growing up alone, learning to survive...she became quite the fisher and cook! She came across the Kingdom of Silverwind, in hope to bringing a purpose into her life of a Paladin. She currently resides within the Kingdom.