&nbsp Full name : Eldem Sin'Azeth (of the Whitefist).

Age : 24.

Race : Blood Elf.

Relatives : Master Fern Whitefist, Unknown location.

Mate/Love : None.

Position : None. / Warrior.

Physical Appearance : Eldem is an averagely tall, a bit skinny blood elf, with black, long hair - He has faintly glowing green eyes, a weak smile always traced on his visage. His body is rough, not much 'soft' after the many trainings he endured before receiving the title of Monk. He always wear black leather armor, and wields two blades offered by his his master, Fern of the Whitefist.

Combat specialization : In fights, Eldem relies on his ability to predict movements. Not always sure, but quite useful - He is agile, and using the two katanas of his is easy. "These are the ways of a Whitefist." does he say.

Lore : Ten years old, the Monk, raised by his parents, suffers of a grave illness. He was getting weak. His father, Ilthilias Sin'Azeth, decided he was of no more use to the family, and left him off.

A year later, living in the woods, Fern Whitefist, a wandering great Monk found him. Hearing of his story, the stranger trained him.

Eldem learned fast, he was quite able to fight - Or at least that is what his trainer said. A month passed, and the child started using twin-blade techniques. He swore to become as powerful as his master, which he is yet to be. He erred.

"Thus it was written for me. Thus it shall be." He believed that what he seeked wasn't in fighting. The apprentice headed towards the unknown.. Headed towards the ways of magic.