Eldric Ember
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Gender Gender::Male
Race race::Human
Affiliation City of Valor
Location Veriil
Relative(s) Father-Vanic Ember Brother-Satticus Ember

Lore: Eldric grew up as the second child in his family. His brother, Satticus, was always his role-model. Eldric always wanted to act, and be, like his brother. But one day, his brother left. Called upon to become a Paladin, Satticus left Eldric, only thirteen at the time, alone. Their mother had already died about three years ago, and the children's father was often away. Eldric tried to amuse himself constantly during his teen years. He eventually took his father's sword, which was an award from the War, and taught himself how to fight.

One day, when Eldric's father, Vanic, came home from Stormwind, he found his son walloping away at the training dummy. Vanic, an experienced warrior, was impressed, and later that month, took his soon to see the Stormwind Weapons Master. He, in turn, was fairly amazed, mostly because this boy had had no proffessional training. Eventually, Eldric joined the Stormwind Army, starting out as an officer. His comrades admired his skill, and he almost became the Captain of his squad. But, this all changed the day that he saw this notice on a sign in Stormwind: "Attention all able-bodied warriors! I call upon you, for a journy of glory and honor. You shall be remembered forever!"

This caught Eldric's attention, and he soon made the perilous journy...the journy to Variil.

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