Character Name (full name): Eleria Sal'denar

Age: 22

Race: Blood Elf

Relatives: None, Deceased.

Mate/Love: Sukram

Position (Alive - Decreased): Witch Hunter of the Kingdom of Silverwind

Eye color: Stormy Blue

Skin color: Tan/White

Height: 5"6

Weight: 145lbs

Lore: As a young girl she was grown into the Argent Dawn...She trained hard...Worked hard..And slept hard.

Growing up as a child she proved skill in both melee and ranged weapons. Her encampment at the time thought she would be a legacy. As she neared age 14 she took up armor and weapons as a regular thing of the day. At age 16, She began fighting the undead. Rendering useful as a child she became more skilled as the years went on..Giving up her last name to stop the swell of sadness that came when she realized her parents died when she was 3. She never knew their names. Town Folk gave her the title of Witch Hunter when she went from town to town, purging them of heretics to the light. She now resides as a force of Silverwind..The first kingdom she's belong to, to fulfill the legacy of herself. To be somebody. Somebody her family would know, For she did not know her own.