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The lore arround Larenta

Lady Larenta was born in the settlement of Marodan, and was trained by her mother to become a powerfull huntress of the night. When Larenta one day went back from a long journey, training in the mountains far east, the settlement of Marodan was attacked by unknown forces, and almost every single villager was murdered. She and the few survivors travelled to a nearby village, in search for food and shelter. To their bad luck, the village they arrived to were also ended up as ruins. Larenta took the few villagers to Stormwind City, and herself went on a travel to find a place were she could fit in. All those years of travelling, has been given Larenta much time for practicing her skills as a Huntress. One day she was attacked by the scourge, who killed her right were she stood. Larenta remained dead for some years, but suddently a wise man from the empire Kingdom of Romar found her grave, and got her back to life, by using the stone of R'lor. Larenta then joined the Kingdom of Romar, and served Lord Romar and his men in battle. One day Kingdom of Romar vanished, and Larenta were in need of a new place to stay. She seeked out many villages, but she didn't find any of them fitting her needs. Then Larenta came across a strange dark village south-east from where the Kingdom of Romar once were. Larenta was speechless when she suddently bumped into a beast, which the Scourge once created, also known as a proto drake. As a huntress, she captured the beast after 3 days of struggling with it, and now it has become her servant in battle. Larenta took some time healing after her great injuries, but after some time searching out for a new place to stay, Larenta arrived at the empire Kingdom of Silverwind, were she was allowed to live in. Now, she's training to become a full fledged huntress of the night, so she one day will be able to find the settlement of Marodan's attackers. She's living as a simple civillian inside the protecting walls of Silverwind, hoping she once and for all will be able to finish her training.

Lady Larenta is a mysterious person. She doesen't speak that much, tho she can be very fierce if somethings bothering her badly. Larenta is also a good person, who is willing to aid her new home as good as she can. And what she doesen't know is, she's got a unknown sister somewhere who's looking for her..