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Yes dear friends. We are back with our newspaper. This time, because of some annonymous reasons we won't upload the most interesting things. We will just be a boring weekly newspaper that doesn't gives you any spicy topics. Than you mister Stefan. We are adult, mature, newspaper.

First. We start with the returning of Xernaterion! Yes I know it is shocking but the infamous Xernaterion is back. He's this time ready to destroy Veriil and all it's inhabitants. From good sources we know that he had been blowning away Vahan Calyd! Here's a picture of the beuty of that city before Xernaterion!

Second: Dark Elves are not our friends: I, as editor I have the opinion that Dark Elves shall be our enemies. They just worship Xernaterion. They will never help us defeat him. We shall crush them and exterminate their stupid race from the face of Veriil. But... It is not I who decide this. BUT YOU CAN! JOIN OUR RACIST PROGRAM!

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Here's a ugly picture of their retarded queen tower