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Finding the dead body of Nefarius

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Wynnvale fighting a Dragon named *Jade* when finding a kingdom

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Wynnvale and his sword *Hellbringer*

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King Stefan Silverwind's Statue and Garden

Skin Color:Light TanEdit


Weapon Use:ZweihanderEdit

Personalities:Confident, Stout, and RespectfulEdit


Affiliation:Kingdom of Lordaeron, Warriors of RetributionEdit

Eye Color:BrownEdit

Relatives:Neiman (Father-Deceased) Maria (Mother-Deceased)Edit

Status:(Alive-Deceased) Wynnvale-AliveEdit

Wynnvale's Lore and StoryEdit

Wynnvale was his name. He was a stout warrior and he was born during the First War. His parents were killed by orcs so he was left alone. An orphan found him took care of him. When he was 18 he left and lived in the city of Stormwind. But orc forces arrived to take it over and he stood up and for the first time killed an orc. He was happy because he could protect his lands, but the orc forces were to big he had to retreat to The forests of Elwynn. He lived a good life in a abadoned house that was big and spaceful. He fought Kobolds and Defias increasing his skill. He was fond of Zweihanders (two-handed swords), and so he became a master. Though he left The forests to explore an adventure soemthing bigger than a small land. He was amazed at all the land he explored but he missed the kingdoms.Along the way he fought a great green dragon named *Jade*! He also went in the Burning Steppes and found Blakcrock Mountain! He found Nefarius(Nefarion)!Finally he found a kingdom, it was the Kingdom of Silverwind! He was fond of it. He asked King Stefan Silverwind if he could join his forces, and he did. In the present he is serving King Stefan and his Kingdom Silverwind.He made a small sub group it was Warriors of Retribution, and he became very powerful.